You are a man

Wide as the owl

Your wit and strength

Have not led you afoul


And yet there is so much

You cannot understand

Lots of little things

Your mind has banned


I understand now

What you don’t see

What you never realized

Was simply me


“I didn’t know, I didn’t see”

Are just excuses

This and many more

Have had their share of uses


Where does it end?

When do you awaken?

What do I have to do?

Why do I think your faken’


My love will always be true

But the time is now

To change this cycle

Want to know how?


You go your way

And I shall go mine

It’s time to go

And cross that line


I will always cherish you

We both need new starts

Time to part ways

Simultaneously breaking two hearts



Written on

March 11, 2008

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Again, this one was to Paul. This was the last poem before I actually left him. There were poems after I left him but not that many. I now realize that he never got over me. We have been split for around three years now and he still is in love with me.

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