The Bells

Why do they vibrate like that,

The bells,

I hear them soft like lonesome lullabies,

tickling the insides of my head,



It thistles inside the missile's toe,

6 tones roll cold and long,

sing, vibrate, stir, gone,


A tangle of leaves left its leader to the trees,

Vines wrestle on journeys to the sun,

Do you believe,


In What kind of color can they dream?



Who do you see,

Wise world,

What is it I would sing to you?


Just like Every Stop-Traffic girl,


Amphetamine pulse take 4,

Centaur leg kick,

Splash, Crash, Bored,


I can't see,


I can't see a thing,

I can't hear the wind,

I can't touch a blackbird,

I can't smell the roses,


I taste a blackbird rose wind chime,

I taste the bustling-traffic blacktop,

But I can't see a thing,


Let the blind-dark fix the roof,

He'll be o.k.,


I can't feel a thing,

I can't feel the wind,

I can't see the blackbird,

I can't touch the roses,


There is a man,

There is a woman,

She stood smoking,

Watch it tie untieable knots,


Just like chinese finger traps,

Just like tiny little gaps,

Just like turpentine ,

Just like fine, fine, fine,


Watch it tie untieable knots





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