I Sit In The Cage

I Sit in the Cage,
Drinking Stale Beer,
Listening to Older Men Than I Am Talking About Neckties Made in China,
The French Revolution,
"They Hate Us", One of Them Says,
It is between Blue and Red on the Tube,
A Silent War Outside,
They Should Have Made Money The Color of Blood,
I Wonder if I am the Only One in Here,
Inside the Cage and If I can Ever Get Out,
I Think the Cage Just Grow When I Step Outside the Door and Stretches like a Long Dark Shadow Everywhere I go,
The Man Serving Beer Resembles Me a Bit,
Give It a Couple Years and a New Pair of Eyes,
Two Girls Walked in,
I Wonder What Kind of Girls Walk into a Place like This,
Probably Lonely Ones with Shit Jobs and No Dental Insurance,
I think They can Walk in and Out as they Please and Float like Little Dim Embers Back into the Ether,
They are Not Bound,
They are Free,
Even in Nature,
Size Matters,
An Older Good-Looking Couple have been Sitting at the Bar for a While now,
Neither of them Speaks a Word to Each/Other,
He Stares Off Into Nothingness,
She Searches,
Acting as if She is Waiting for The Real Man of Her Dreams to Stroll in,
There is a Thick Mist of Memories in this Place,
Not Good Nor Bad,
Just Memories,
Hanging in the Air,
I Breathe Them in and Live Them Each as if they were my Own,
I think about Animals in Cages,
They are Usually Alone,
I am in this Cage with Other Animals,
The Animals Size-Up the Bars,
Ways Out,
But they are Alone in the Cage,
I Am With Other Animals,
A Group of 6 Older Animals Rush In,
They Take Their Energy From the Wild Days of Their Past,
I like Them,
I Feed On Them,

I Leave the Cage and Tip Too Much as Always,
The Drive Home is Uneventful,
I Don't Even Turn the Radio Dial,

Just Listen to the Natural Sounds,
Sounds of My Car Slowly Dying,
Of Me Slowly Dying,
Of The Other Cars Passing by with a Cordial Whoosh,
Of Cracked Branches Bending to the Will of the Wind,
Mother Nature's Funny Game of "Whose Your Uncle",
I Guess,

So Here I am,
Typing Out the Things I Wrote while in the Cage,
Wondering if it has Stretched its Big Bars This Far,
Enveloping Me in a Mist of Memories that are Not My Own

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