in plain sight

She walks around the town all dressed in black

Eternally mourning, always looking back

Trapped in the past, alone in hear head

Searching for a lifeline in amongst the dead 


If only there was a method to this drawn out madness

To give away it all just to dwell in her sadness 

Alas the bell tolls, and she's getting grey

Moving closer to her lost ones, with each passing day 


The neighbours once were worried, now the pay no mind

Weary and impatient of being consistently kind 

Now her door is standing still and seldom knocked

The secret of one woman's past is sealed and locked 


The assumption often made is that her lover died

Yet no one ever questions whey she never cried 

Always in black, always looking down

To hide away those eyes, all dead behind the brown 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bit dark this one

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