I Wish

My secret identity

I wish to see

Inside of me

I wish to be

Forever was,

A time to flea

I ask my soul

This bargaining plea

To live alive

To live for free

To live for love

To live for three

For they're lost souls

No time for we

And now my bell tolls

I look to the sea

I live for my future

I learn from my memory

I am what I am

From now to eternity

I'm strong like a bull

And as sturdy as a tree

My relenting pride

And generosity is key

The world is huge

I wish to see

A proud father

I wish to be.

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babe1233's picture

hey jiffy
this is so friggin amazing tho i couldn't say some of the words you know, you will make a great daddy i know it just ease up a bit love you always