It was midnight bantering and sly of heart

My brain, so lost had just began to start

To comprehend for what was inside of me

Had brought me to, these conclusions three

First was, my severe lack of trust

Second was, my unsatiable lust

And although these both were prominent

My third had proved to be most dominant

It was never obvious, but ruled inside

Made sense for why I had never tried

For my third, came a startling conclusion

That most of my life, has been an illusion

Fake memories of what never was

Showing what a cynical mind does

Replacing the good with only the bad

Fueling my anger, to get myself mad

I fear my own brain, because it's corrupted

Losing control when thoughts are interrupted

It wants me to see, the worst side of things

So that I can't enjoy the happiness it brings

It's a trojan horse, waiting inside of me

Soldiers composed of stress and irascibility

You listened to me, but not what you thought

With open arms, it was confidence you brought

For a heart so pure, I knew what I had to do

I stopped the madness from getting through

I composed myself, and thought of your word

From your lips, it was inspiring to be heard

With gentle good-byes, we part our ways

But in my mind, your word still stays

Although so simple, it's a wonderful word to give

For the word that still sticks with me, is live

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Charles Cosgrove's picture

damn good bud....your as unique as a winters dream ...you make the clear...unclear and the obtuse more precise

shawon1982's picture

i really like your poem. it is very nice, well written and rhythmic indeed.
i wish you all the best.

Dr. Zayed Bin Zakir Shawon

Nicole Ashley Aube's picture

you make me think whenever i read something that you write, just as i do the same to you. it's the beginning of august, i hardly have time to think about school, and i'm considering changing my major to english, with a minor in creative writing.