Nice Guys Finish Last, But Feel Good At The End


Ask any of my friends to describe me and I'll bet you a million dollars that the most used term to describe me is "nice". I am the kind of guy who is probably too nice for his own good but doesn't really care. I am pessimistic but only about myself, I hate to be complimented but love complimenting others. I suppose it's in my genes that when I do something I'm suppose to do a damn good job at it. If you compliment me for something it triggers a chain of thoughts in my mind that make me question why you said that, then analyze the way you said it. In this period of consideration I kind of just mumble some sort of incoherent bunch of words or laugh nervously. Being the person that I am I strive to excel myself at the things I do to make sure I do them right, then I proceed to do them well with practice. No one is suppose to compliment me, as I see it in my mind I'm only working to my full potential as human nature intended me to do so. When I finish thinking about this fact I finally come to the conclusion that someone gave me this compliment purely to make me feel good, which is something a nice person would do. Something like that takes time and recognition that I am in fact doing a good job so really someone went out of their way to observe and review my work ethic or my ability to do the task, whatever it may be, and tell me in a formal yet very abrupt conversation. Personally I don't get much from a compliment because I don't feel too good about myself most of the time whether I have a lot of other things on my mind or it just being a day where I am doing something specifically to help someone out, but all things considered I do recognize that someone has complimented me and I do appreciate that they put effort into building a positive enviroment for both of us. At the end of the day though I just smile about the whole situation and that I found my own true personal meaning to an old saying.

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You would make a great Communist!

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You're not the first person to think that Steve :D