Such a thing it is, love makes you do crazy things and makes you think things even crazier. When it comes to love you don't know what could have been what is going to come and what happened to those people. People think that when you say I love you they seriously mean I love you, or when you're taken that's when people start to pipe up about true feelings. Don't fuck up, honestly because chances are they really did care about you, or maybe even still do. I don't need to listen about how girls screwing up their only chances to be with guys because guys are straght-forward and come out to tell you, and girls play the waiting game, and you know what? You make think that the true love of your life will wait well your dead wrong because when you say theres no chance why would they think otherwise, just because of a hint? Thick-headed I believe is the term you're looking for right now. I know at least half the people that read this will know someone or ARE someone who's done this. Seriously guys are pigs, a lot of them are kind of hypocritical of me to say but no, because I never said they weren't I just happen to be one. I know a lot of them are and the ones that aren't usually have some dark secret about them, but even though all guys act like scum at least they take chances girl don't bother they just wait for their magic. I'm sick and tired of hearing about love honestly. I don't care about the one that got away because you should have taken initiative and tried, I mean what's so hard about trying? Who knows. All I know is I wish there was a little more chivalry and a lot less gang bangin. Peace.

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wow hunnie this is completely amazing like i understand so much about what you are saying because i am one of those stupid people and i know some of em... but i hope maybe some one reads this and see's its not too late to change for me i believe i am in too deep to change it now but you are not,, i love you darlin and can't wait to see ya

yours truely brittany bond
best friends always