A Superior Breed

I am that of the endless torture that you receive for failing a duty, I am invigorated by the will to battle, I am a descendant of a family with pride. We bow not to the wills of other but to our own. We stand up for what we believe in and fight for what we believe is wrong. No other words infect our ears with poison but for those of the same blood. With this pride we take apart the systematic structure of life and do as we please for it's not someone elses job to tell us how to live, we stand in the midst of ignorance and smirk at those who believe themselves to be that of higher importance, we will recognize you if you are, tell us and we will not hesitate to correct your mistake. I myself am not a pure-bred, for many other genes infect me with this thing that makes me care, care about others, about people who can't help themselves or the world in general. I live as if I have to worry about every other person or thing at every second blinding my perception of what is really going on or what I should be doing. When all of these things clutter in my mind I go through a transformation, one that exceedingly benefits my situation, a true Cosgrove I relinquish my beliefs and my regards to safety and precaution. I become a super version of me, I can break past any barrier and I need not any motive to focus my mind onto something to get it done for my tasks are all completed. Like a blackout in the middle of a desert, my thoughts become unnatural and very out of place. I am erratic and will get to my finish line no matter who gets in my way. You can't throw my off either, I enhance my endurance in which you've never seen before. I am substance and show, best of both worlds, I am a half-bred of a superior breed, I am Jeff Cosgrove and I will show you my capabilities.

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