A Painting of a Girl

The colors of the surrounding area mesh together to create a beautiful landscape, where she envies the passing breeze. She's a person who has a passion for what she does, and it shows. She's a wonderful person to know, if you're lucky enough that is. Grace, beauty, and wisdom are a few words to describe her, but not quite enough. She has potential to be something great and it pains you to see her be anything less. I can only dream to be as good of a person as she is. With an orchestra of Pink Floyd and Wizard of Oz, I look forward to a dance in the streets where I shall show her a thing or two in dancing. She needs help every once in a while but is still very strong, and it amazes me of what she can accomplish. She has a certain aura that lifts your spirits even when you're feeling the lowest of lows. Even with nothing to talk about, it always turns into something interesting because she is an amusing person no matter what. I do my best to impress her just to keep up, because my best is just her usual. I think she would be a wonderful artist if she wanted to be, and would put the smack down on anyone who gets in her way. I will always do my best to make her smile, because its only fair for people to see how truly beautiful she can be. I only wish for the best for her because she deserves it. She is a painting of a girl, and the painting is breath-taking.

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Stephanie Hill's picture

I remember this night
yur the best n' i love yu to pieces
come see me soon

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wow this is really good i love it, you've got such talent