She wants to be something. She comes from a house of idiots and non-coherent slackers. All of them brandish her perfect being, she is smart, gorgeous, and is all around a wonderful person to be around. When she enters a room and you see her, you're just filled with this light that makes you understand she doesn't belong here with you. She's suppose to be somewhere in a museum with all these wonderful galleries with thousands of spectators enjoying the life she's brought to the canvas, or maybe in a bookstore with hundreds of novels all of which have been appreciated by the community. Alas, she is neither of these. She is the one sitting around in a half-assed managed shop just waiting for the clock to hit the exact minute and hour of release, where her spirit can be released from this prison. She wants someone, in a perspective, who can set her free. She has troubles with words when trying to explain who she really is. She needs a person who reads her with every word going through her head. A person who can understand the real her in a 10 minute speechless conversation. Maybe then she can smile a real whole-hearted smile that springs one back on your face. Two grinning idiots standing in the dusk of a once-was moment, a deja-vu of something to come, not what's been forgotten. Your eyes are eager to understand what's to become of this situation. For once in your life your in a moment that is impossible to analyze, just to remember for a long time. To this day you don't understand what is going it just eludes the mind. Everything that happened did it or were you really just reading again. No point in trying to figure it out anyways, just know the smell of the passing breeze and the fear that was taking over you. You didn't know what to expect, nor what to remember. The little moments of personal jokes and passing commentary. She looks at you and you look at her and everything clicks again, but this time there is no silence just small talk. Like you knew her all your life but only have actually known her for a few days. It makes you laugh on the inside, and makes you happy on the outside. This moment never happens again, it is a lingering moment in the back of your head that makes you remember something wonderful. You have no idea what happens to this girl and somehow you don't bother to find out. It end's in a melodramatic note and everything seems like it never happened.

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man hunnie how do you exspress your self so well like I'm deffenitly not as good as you man i dont understand it but at the same time i do

love always babe