Let's Untwine

Everything you do is recognized for its effort. The effort you put into doing something for recognition is not noticed at all. We all need to find a way to reach something without doing it for someone else, to impress, to realize, or to improve. We do what we must to be what we are. We are seen through the eyes of others as what they recognize, the guy who ate 40 hot dogs isn't a champion, he's just a fat loser who happens to be good at something, you can't be good at something, you have to be the picture of credibility, the standard of integrity to whom all others are compared. When they meet someone they must ask in true Socratic Method, is this a greater or lesser person then Jeff. That's what is perceived. If you're not that then you're the new low, the one who is often ridiculed in their own abstract way, but no matter the variation of how the joke is laid out, it is always the same degradation. "This guy is pretty bad, but he is no Jeff." Comparison of the lesser and the least. We are a race of ranks, never to be thought of otherwise. No matter how much you do either, there will always be someone better, and if you were the best, someone will come along eventually and be better. Don't despair though, sure no one will remember in you years down the road but at least you can leave your legacy some way, maybe you can go crazy from trying to be accepted in society and go kill hundreds of people that will get you remembered. All the possibilities are endless, don't let little things get to you, you are still important to everyone in your own way, but in that own little way that hardly ever gets you the proper recognition you deserve, you have done so much to help and so much to improve yourself, others, and life. Don't ever believe the words of others, because most of the things you do that are great in life... will probably be unsaid and that is the greatest reward on its own. Don't trust me though, I am quite malevolent. I could probably mislead you in a second and leave you to die as the blood of my spoken trusts runs down the cynical blade that I have conveniently placed roughly in your back. Then maybe I will enjoy some brandy and laugh at you for a bit, how can you tell I speak the truth? You can't, you never can because to the day we die we are deceiving each other and killing others off for speaking the truth, because as everyone knows, no one can find out the truth. We can't trust anyone because no one can trust themselves... think in your mind, think really hard... you could easily make someone believe something utterly ridiculous, you could easily steal money and make people think otherwise. You could do a lot of things to screw around with other people's minds, and if you understand what I'm writing, you already are, you are manipulating yourself, to believe that these words are true as the sky is blue. I am someone who's confidence and pride has been eroded away by the very hypocritical thing we called life, because if everything I just wrote is true, we aren't really living at all, are we?

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hey jiffy

i love this one its amazing and you have such amazing things to ay about life, and its not that i believe its true its that i agree with what you write cause people are idiots and believe so much that is so ridiculous it cant be true and you really have to keep writing its so amazing to get to read your writing

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The hypocrisy of life. True, but also add the multiple perceptions and realities in this world. Each individual has their own perception of reality. When one's reality is in blends with another's, the two realities are in conflict. I think that's the root issue with this world. Conflict of realities, of truths, of orders. That's why people lie, cheat, kill, and so on. That's why people end up provoked, advertized, misinformed, misconstrued, suffer. A sad world we live in. Of course, this is my reality trying to cross with yours. Our own realities though perceived are different. Which is being advantaged, manipulated? Of course, I could be wrong, you could be right. Or the reverse. Anyways, good write.