That Moment When...

When you look at your family and realize they'll never look at you the same. That moment they looked at you like they wish they never had a son. When you came out of the closet and expected for everyone you love to help you through all the hard times. When your loving dad had that look on his face, when he was forcibly violating he showed how much he really loved you as you cried for him to stop. When Your boyfriend called you a lost cause and beat you because you defied him, your master sex, how he made sure you knew your place in this relationship. When he left you and never looked back and gets drunk with his friends while your harbouring his baby at home with no one to lean on cause he left you. That moment when... your friend looked in endless pain at you and his face was twisted with pure agony and pleasure how he smiled the most scary smile you ever saw after it was over...and he was bleeding so much you didn't know what to do and the drunk driver just sped off. When he came home without saying a word to you with his belt missing and a used condom stuck on his shoe and just smiling that stupid smile he always gave you after he was pleasured for the right price. That moment when your grandmother who always smiled and made everything so much more pleasureable when you were around her looked at you with such sad eyes and told you that she can't handle the pain anymore... she wants you to pull her plug... her pain is too unbearable now. These are the moments that you'll never matter how hard you try.

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