Intrecate Problem


Sometimes the best solution is to cause a problem, when nothing makes sense and you can't figure anything out, its best to just make a problem, maybe someone else will pay attention and you can have someone to help you. Or maybe its the light of a day after a horrible storm, when you can't possibly believe how much hell you're going through, and then after all that you see the path that no one looks to go down cause it would be so hard to reach it, and you get so much relief, it makes you realize that horrible moments are just what they are. Moments. No more worries just relaxing and clasping a hot drink to relay all the moments you had to endure to get here and realize how great it is, some people think about how they'd like to go back in time to fix something they did wrong, but who knows who you might not have met, who you might not have loved, who you might not have lost, what might have happened to your health, what might have become of your addictions. It's best to think that you don't have to relive that moment again. I wouldn't hange anything right now, I mean sure I could be excelling at school if I didn't change my attitude towards life at the age of 13, or that time I utterly embarassed my best friend in public and he hated me for years for it. Those are not moments to be proud of and they are not good in any sense, but they're mine and I own them, I will not repress them because they make me look bad, nor will I hide them because I secretly hated myself for making them, I will live with them as my moments. I cheated too. Only once but thats where a problem comes to solve a situation, remorse, I learned from my mistake, and I have yet to repeat it. Mistakes and problems are just part of the ever turning world. That's it.

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