Ego Motel

"Lets show them what we're capable of, lets show the human race how we are superior and why we shouldn't share the same oxygen as them." One mans dream to show his superiority to every one else, he took a stop at the ego motel best known for delusions of granger addicts, and falsified gods. One night and you're guaranteed to stay there for years. It's one thing to convince yourself that you're something wonderful, but convincing other people is an entirely different story. Just nod and listen to their stories and snicker behind their backs when they leave, is this really polite society, or is this avoiding confrontation? Who knows, but whatever it is, it works and we do whats tried, tested, and true. So swollen-headed they need a needle to prick them lose of their stupid ways of thinking. They need a tentative best friend to show them pleasures of simplicity and lose their egotisitcal beings behind. You can love the arrogant, and you can appreciate the overconfident, but you can never like them, they're just mistakes of society that haven't been corrected.

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