Death Ballad

Swift breezes, cold and undying they blow

Dank and cold, the darkness unfolds to show

A mirror stained with demise and whats next

Glaring into it, shows a body that is hexed

"Let me slash the darkness with a knife

release the worries, release me of life."

Here he lies, with knife clasped tight

No left arm strength, only his right

The left has already been drained

On the mid February night it rained

And crying out into a room unclaimed

To bury into himself the mirror unshamed

"Time to dance with the devil and smoke

its time to show myself how to provoke."

Clenched fist, dropping knife he pulls back

But cracks for it is strength that he lacks

Adrenaline rushing, he shows his fury

He needs not rush, for there is no hurry

He smashes the mirror with all his might

What then followed was a terrible sight

He winced in pain, and let out a cry

For as much as he could, he had to try

Too much blood loss, he had to lie

Gasping for breath, he let himself die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Old as hell, but I need to see how far I've come.

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