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So do you get your sick pleasures from manipulating and misleading people? Does it really give you that much pleasure? I know a lot of jerks, a lot of asses, but never have I met an actual two-face. A person who is more cold and cynical then anyone I ever met. To throw slander and lie... how dare you insult me for something that is not true, this makes you worse then anything I could ever dream of aspiring to, or in this case, decline. I don't hate people easily, because I believe there is a second chance for everyone, but I say that only to humans people who actually have sincerity. So I am aloud to hate whatever you are. Congratulations, you have actually struck one of my nerves, I don't know if that was one of your intentions but I don't really care because you're the only one laughing about it now. The best part is you'll probably never find out who I am talknig about because they suffer from delusions of granger, this isn't just an ego trip, they have packed all of their possessions and have moved there and have no intention to move back. Sad thing is, instead of actually being a trip they are still living here annoying me with minor insults. Pathetic, but whatever floats your boat, personally though, I hope your boat sinks and you drown.

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Bahaha wow I am SUCH an ass:D

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