3 a.m. Balcony Scene

Early morning or late night, whatever you prefer, the time is still occupying the city. People are still driving, they are still moving for the concept of time eludes their schedule. They have a reason to go where they're going and I don't know why. It's warm and dark, and the ocean is still rippling with waves from a once constant blowing breeze. Makes you realize that something isn't right. Why is the city so beautiful at night and so ugly at day. Why can't it always remain so quaint and unimportant. It could just be so much more better if it kept the moments of peace and keep them lingering on for an eternity. Maybe this is a torture far more worse then death, beauty. The word has no meaning anymore, its thrown around like its nothing instead of meaning something important. It's a special version of something already special. It's to describe the most wonderous thing you've encountered and multiply its wonder by millions. It has the capabilities to leave you speechless even with the most extensive vocabulary, the capability to say it in 12 different languages but fear to say it in its native language, to simply describe something as beautiful. This life I live is so unacceptable, its not where I am imagined myself when I was 10 when I thought I would be exploring the world and earning money, now I have no lust for life because I've done everything I wanted before the age of 19. Time has no part of legal activities, if you wanna do something breaking the rules are a must. I don't have patience for people to make their minds about something, they have a chance to speak otherwise shut up and look. Don't look down on yourself, look at the scenery, look into the life of the city, the life of the country, the life of the ocean. The very essence of life itself is flowing through every single last one of us and it feels so good. I don't know what I am doing on this balcony...trying to prove myself? Or maybe I am trying to figure something out, something that's been solved for months, maybe years that I only realize now. I am quick to scoff at the judgement of others but who am I to judge them? I am just as human as every one else, why do I go on ego trips and embrace the stupidity of others. My cockiness took a turn from a bad habit to a full-pledged disorder. Everyone who knows me as me, will understand every word that I speak right now, otherwise you don't have a chance in hell with a real conversation with me. To understand its simple, drop your beliefs, speak the things that don't make sense and argue about the things that do. If something sounds more important to you then it should then you're on the right track, make it awkward. Thus concludes the balcony scene.

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I'd like to hang out on a balcony with ya sometime...maybe we could find the answers to some really unimportant questions and the rest we will smirk at....heh