Pychological Traffic Jam

Rest yourself let your mind at ease

Being humane is your disease

Shudder in the cold, freeze with ice

Every word you say is always advice

Sometimes I want to run forever

But then I realise I'm not going to ever

Standing with a smile on your face even after its done

Destroying peoples lives is how you have fun

Intimidating smirk, and forceful charm

leads the mild to bewildered, when you do your harm

On fire, no control of this flame

You take control when no one else is to blame

Beating with your fists, it is your primal urge

Your intentions as nice as they seem, always diverge

Holding whats left of broken ribs

We start a conversation of insane mad libs

Which ones more intellectual, which is more weird

Which individual is to be more feared

Selfless and understanding, cocky and smart

Where does one end, and where does one start

You are my split personality, and you are only part.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I confuse myself

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babe1233's picture

hey jiffy ahah i lvoe this it is completely amazing and I'm happy you are still writing cause you are really good and you have serious thought and opions on life and i love reading about everything

xoxoxox love always babe

Charles Cosgrove's picture

wowsers....i know how that have talent you just dont know it yet