Cold Bliss

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Freezing to death on the ice ball of a planet. So alone and cold of the stereotypical fools that lack life. I am not superior then them, I just want to find something meaningful until I escape the imbeciles that have prolonged the fate of our society long enough. Fake excuses that hurt so much and just running away from their problems until they are the shadow of the never mentioned past. So much regret and sorrow to imbue an eternal loss of every single pathetic person in existance. Just a blizzard of every reason why I want to be frozen in this cold life. Take me away, to an ice with no thinking or emotions. No rage to heat up the ice of every cold person. Slashes across my chest and broken ribs to wound my well being are nothing compared to the hatred of every last one of these sad pathetic people who have no purpose to be alive. So many more people try harder in life and get nowhere, while the people who know how to play lives and emotions thrive not and reach their goals without losses or to repent their sins. Just crush the weak and let the strong run chaos as our leader. Let me sink into the cold abyss and never think anymore, drowning into a pool of self-hatred and sorrow. It's better to suffer alone then to bring anyone who is happy down with you, breaking down the mental capacity and just letting loose your life. So egotistical and enraged that no one can accept or try to understand. I am the greatest helper I know because I put everyone before myself even though they don't know it...but problem is...I can never help myself. Just worry how long it is until I die.

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Very very nice poem my friend although i like some of your other inspairing poems keep them up or i shall be very mad at you :p, oh by the way my dear friend i do hope your problem gets better but problem i mean when your brain just shuts down without you knowing oh wait that always happend :P