Socially Transmitted Disease

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To follow the crowd like a blind wolf, knowing if you try to stray you're just toss up for next meal. Throw a bit of effort into following your own trail, cause sometimes the wolves have no idea where they're going in life, and are the first to die. Looking for an excuse to release yourself from the tension of personal dramas and awkward moments, this is the most horrible thing a human can suffer. It's called living, and it's a disease that you get from seeing the actions of others, no matter how selfish or selfless they are, they all come back to what they believe is pregidist or under the right way of the lord. To bash those who have accepted a new style of life, or to fight what they secretly fear. Always trying to make life a one lane street, when life has so many open roads and hidden passages yet to be discovered. Constantly moving in all directions, its like a roller coaster...just go with the ride. Everything we do is important, no matter how uninspiring or how unnoticed it is. Just keeping up with trying to figure out a point in which we live to understand and think the things we do. Never truly understanding the true potentials of ourselves, we work together hard to make what is close to a perfect life, the way things should be. The possibilities are endless to those who accept the ways of life, no matter how hard it is sometimes, there is a reason to keep up fighting. It is to fight this disease of a society that we have become.

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