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Paint a fake painting, but it would have the same momentum as any other picasso if it came from the person that you desired. I like to think I make a new impression everyday, but always a good one. An intense vocabulary and well-structured sentences are just a cowardice of just explaining how one really feels. Simplistic words and words that aren't real are much more meaningful because they show the person of true potential can put time and effort into making them up just knowing that it's to be said to you is enough to make you feel energized. A hidden smile behind a playful being, when approaching you is like finding a present containing a present inside. Not quite what you're expecting but leads you to more excitement of what's truly inside. The beauty of words and conversing between two people with heads on their shoulders is most enjoyable. It gives a satisfaction of knowing that you are really something unique and not a duplicate of someone else. Your smile is so much more then what meets the eye because it shows something that you know is true, something you would love to see, something you long to feel. An embrace of words for an awkward moment to make everything just seem in place. An ever-lasting look of curious beauty, you can catch an eye because you are more then what you seem. You can be more then what people want to perceive you can be you and that would be the most beautiful thing I could ever imagine. It's no wonder I write the way I do right now, cause you are an inspiration that holds the potential to be everything and more then I imagined to be beauty.

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