Comprehension of Pain

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The cornered mouse will attack the cat, because it is looking for death in order to escape the pain. Pain comes in many varieties and forms, it can be a vastly powerful emotional pain or an almost deadly physical pain. Both have the capabilities to destroy a man without hesitation. Pain is something that a lot of people fear, but there are almost just as many people who derive great pleasure from seeing the pain of others. Self-inflicting to show the marks of grave depression, or assault to show the true potential of anger. Mild pain that is enjoyable to a significant other to show the true pain of love, or the pulverising of that arch nemesis to show hatred at it's most primal form. Sorrow and despair can consume everything a person can do and it is overwhelming, the true potential of pain is to cause a man to beg for death because he cannot bear the pain of living. There is no need to fear death, death is an escape, a freedom that everybody potentially is to not think or to feel anything ever again. It is the pain that you must fear, the pain of achieving death is what one must bear with it. It is natural instinct to hide from the danger that is before you, but to comprehend the pain, and know that pain is pain and everyone must deal with it...just accept it and let the mind snap, let the blood drip, let the bones break, let the knife cut, and let the trigger be pulled because it is just the way of life...the way of life that leads to death.

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This is pretty dark, even for me

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