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When a sword and shield clash and both break. Misunderstanding the most comprehendable instructions. Simple examples, understand the word and understand how everything effects me. I am a contradiction, I contradict everything I stand for. I think deep but drown in my thoughts...I know this is a fact but I will continue to drown because its what I am. I am cynical to every person and situation I see but I am also the very person who would try their hardest to make everything seem so much better and eveyone so much happier. I believe everyone should be happy, but I go out of my way to make myself miserable. The confusing contradiction of being me is more complex then you can imagine. I'm terrified of anger, but its my most commonly used emotion. You can think of the many ways to make sense of each thing that comes across your mind, but I will find a way to complicate it more because everything needs to be analyzed to the fullest extent to make perfect sense. Simple problems like trying to figure out what to wear in the morning can be blown so far out of preportion that you can't even leave your bed because the world is to good of a place for you to be happy in. A enjoy crying so hard that everything in the world is so powerful on your shoulders that you can feel every last one of your bones crush.

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When you think about it...everyone's personality is a direct contradiction of someone else's way of life.

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