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Moments need to be expanded and they need to be amazing. Sarcasm is a comical fashion that I like to wear, it suits me better then anything else I wear. I like to be me sometimes, and sometimes I dont. I wouldn't be anyone else because I like the way I am, I just don't like the situations I get into sometimes. I get too cocky when I win once, but Im easily smacked with a reality before I carry it too far. I like to make long extended speeches about how I'm feeling even though I could easily emphasize the valid points instead of just rambling about the most unimportant things. I am random amusement, I will entertain because I love to do it. I have no self-respect but at the same time Im very conscious of the way people think about me. I like to confuse people because I like them to understand exactly how I feel most of the time. I have regrets, but life's a bitch or so I hear. I guess there is no reason as to why I should have to choose to be sad and happy sometimes, let me understand the choices a little better and maybe It'll be easier then I once thought. My wardrobe of personalities and emotions is guaranteed to keep me busy most of the time, and sometimes I don't like being busy, but still...I wouldn't change for anything in the world.

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I think way to much:P

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