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I am here to make a point. My point is useless but I make it anyways. I want to show you the reason I stand here today, because I have a lot to do, I have many people to make feel good, I have my family who wants to see me succeed. Me, I am useless. I am the vessel that carries the hopes of others, they put the pressure on because they know Im strong but I have to break away. I dont think about myself anymore, I think about everything and everyone...I am here for others to make sure they have the best lives possible but I am pointless myself. I would pass my burdens to someone else if I had the chance but somethings cant be dealt with and they slow down my pace. I am an understanding person and too generous. I will let someone walk over me because Im used to it. I wish I didn't get used to it but I did. I care too much about everyone else, to a point that annoys me to an extent that is unexplainable with words. My vessel is breaking down, both physically and mentally...Im looking for the repairs with words and feelings, waiting for that person who is both selfless and selfish. The person with an inferiority complex and delusions of granger. Im looking for the person who is the epiphany of irony, the one who's very existance can't make you forget exactly why you feel this way by trying to figure out how are they that way. I may never find that person but I will never quit searching, its my own personal goal, and with that I have a point. My point is to understand how to understand, and maybe then I'll find out my true purpose.

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I have no clue

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