Words to Understand, But Not to be Spoken

Maybe there should be a chance, maybe everything should make sense like the way I take risks. I do them because it makes me feel alive, standing around waiting for the consequences of my actions to hit is far too uninteresting. I live for a moment that has yet to happen. I look for an open door in a barred down hallway. I want to show, I want to show my potential by smashing through these walls, these barriers that have been up for far too long. Let me take a risk, let me do things no one thought I would do because I am the way I am. I am the mirror of your friends, I am what you think me to be only because its easier for you to understand. Only a few people can unlock the true me, and they don't care exactly why I am the way I am in front of different people but lets not conceal your judgements because it makes it easier to improve on ones self. I have four words in my vocabulary: anger, frusteration, tempermental, and rage. I am the standing words that everyone likes to read. I can be your best friend because I envy you, or I can be your worst nightmare because you remind me of myself. I can't show you the true potential because everything is dim and pointless. I can speak to you if you want me to but I have no reason to continue, I dont like the way you think sometimes because its too simplistic and everything I do is so much more serious and complex. Dont give me your sympathies because frankly, they are less then believeable. If you see me in a crowd, please feel free to talk to me, but don't wait for me to speak with baited breath because you will lose your oxygen waiting and fall to the inevitable.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I feel bad about writing this but, sometimes people are annoying

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wow hunn you know you got true potiental and if you dont I'm tellin you, you do because you write stuff I could never write, you are an amazing person and i love you for everything you say it makes me think and realize things I never knew Exsisted

love babe