Lost Rain

Older stuff

Charm, grace and lost moments in which you have the time you lost spent well...life consists of many surprises to be felt and heard. Feelings of lost and regret...thievery and liars fill your open heart and take advantage of things you hold closest to you. Hatred consumes you and overwhelms what you believe to be the most perfect things in life. You're constantly looking for an open path in the shrouded darkness that has you in its grip. Temptation for a new life, starting over is constantly reappearing in front of you because your tired of the half truths and whole lies at some points. Then you look into the hidden green and cant look away...only questions that come from it is what? The answers are hard to explain but they have already been said. The flame of hair seems to engulf you and your now entranced but stuck by a latch that wont let you escape until your just close enough to get 5 seconds more of your life back. The enchanting song tells you that sometimes the most horrid of things can be alright if you break through with the right person, and have every other moment thrown away. Regret has blinded you to look into past and not look at the amazing thing you have in front of you and you cant help but smile moronically. You can only hope for the next moment of fun in the rain.

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Shit happens apparently

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