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Its a cold feeling, in the middle of a hot night you can awake to this feeling and the coldness will pierce the humid night air. You know somethings not right and you try to breathe but the oxygen is hollow. Your heart beats slowly and you know it wont be for long, cause your filled with this incredible lonelyness that you know you can never cover, you think back to all the moments that youve had in your life. You think back to all the good things that have ever happened to you and you realize youll never have them back again. It pains you to think about happyness so your left to scrounge your own sadness and just wallow in self-pity. You cant hide your feelings anymore because they have been wound up for too long, your mind goes over how many times you have been let down in life, all the things that should have been but arent, all the times you could have done something to change it but didnt. You cant help but feel like you have been let down in some horrible way because you actually have. You try to be nice and grin to hide the overwhelming pain inside but you know its still there, and it will never fill the void that is your spiritual emptyness

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damn it doesnt take much to write this, just live your life and youll inevitably feel this way too.

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