"I am"

They say that i wasnt the man they wanted me to be. The man that only sleeps from bed to bed and lives only for himself was the man they thougth they saw in me. Is it because people from my own family dropped me just like an lost call that cant be answered or was it because of the way i seen things n thought about some things.Am i an problem? Am i an solution? What was i the son of a man they said that didnt wont me anymore or the son of a man that still runs through the stream of his veins? My words that i speak is like winter they are so cold and so bold you thought my life was liven and driven by quotes. I am somebody that has a purpose that can be only me and only me i lived my life about how people treated me but now i see that if you was proud of me you couldve said it but you didnt. Am i suppose to live for what cause am i alive for what reason i think but no answer because i see that people hate when i think formyself but maybe i spared an reason that maybe a life can be saved each day maybe a dream can be counted real just maybe. I AM THAT BOY THAT SEEN THINGS FORMYSELF, I AM THAT BOY WHO FEELINGS DIED WITH WIND AND SHOWER. I AM THAT BOY WHO BECAME AN MAN AND THOUGHT FOR MYSELF AT THE AGE OF 14, I AM THAT BOY THAT SMILE LIKE THE SUN, CRY LIKE THE RAIN,  RUN LIKE AN ANIMAL OR BEAST AFTER ITS PREY, I AM SOMEBODY THAT SHARES AN COME GROUND WITH THINKERS,WRITERS, SINGERS, RAPPERS. I HOPE YOU PROUD OF ME CAUSE I AM SOMEBODY

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