thought of the day

walking around faces you see come and go. people you know run by you as time seems slow. asking around you see a thousand question, a hundreds of anwsers. how and why but the feeling is the strangest but cool that some seem to know who you are but some just know  you by others. finsh the day with a problem and a solution but now a solution and no problem. people are born will feel a way nature pulls beauty in its own unique way. my thought is that we still have questions with no answers.

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Your Poem "Thought of the Day"

your poem reminds me of how my brain thinks...I always have questions and wonder whether there truly is a problem or if the problem is just created in my mind. I like your poem. I wish I could write poems. 


Standing in a mad world of insanity as a walking dead. 


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Aw thanks i think bout those things like each and every second i mean i feel like maybe there are problems but no answers at all