If I Had A Wish

If I Had A Wish

If i had a wish

by a genie in a lamp

or an orb that stands

or just out of an imaginary friend

In any case:

I would wish for peace

Peace in the world now

and that which is yet to come

peace without conflict

As wars are fought 

In the name of peace

As peace is war's bane 

and not it's initiate

But one thing is vital to mention

As man lives, peace sits in detention

so, i guess peace isn't really my mission

and let's discard this intuition

OH NO! i haven't used alliteration!

but i may have used some personification

For oft even we humans

Act like animals with no education

for we contrive creative retaliations

and blatantly gloat our strengths

but fail to ungarble one mystery 

and that is....


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