Rolling on ecstasy so close to you Breathing in the same air.

Something inside of me told me to stick around wih you, could that be true?

Was the feeling really there, do you honestly care or am i some kind of a scare?

Are you going to play fair, will you be there. Are you here for me or my body you see.

I need to know are you ready for me?

Your Hugs had such powerful, beautiful energy  or was i wrong. Was it the drug ecstasy!

You said I was Beautiful then gave me a kiss.

That is something that i really miss.

I thought of my self being your Mrs. a person that you couldnt resist!

You have the most attracting eyes, starring into them got me hypmotized.

You made my trip nice, now tell me do you like the outside of me or do you love the real person inside of me????

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One night rolling with a b/f i was inlove with that night!!!! in the end it was the drug!!

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