Did you Ever fall in LOVE??

Did you ever love someone that didnt love you?

Did you ever feel like crying but say what good will it do?

Did you ever look into his eyes and say a little prayer?

Did you ever look into his arms and wish you were there?

Did you ever watch him walk away and hope he wouldnt go?

Did you ever whisper "God Im inlove" but wouldnt let it show.

Dont ever fall inlove my friend you'll find it doesnt pay, you'll find it causes broken hearts it happens everyday.

One day you will be happy and the next day you'll be blue cause you'll always wonder where he is and wonder if hes true.

So you see my friend Dont fall inlove you'll hurt before you'll through cause you see my friend, i do know cause i once fell inlove too!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My actual 1st real poem wrote in 8th grade !!

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Steve Hodack's picture

love can hurt and it gives many ups and also many downs but when it is there it is the greatest thing great poem