These Tears

The other night I cried silently into my soft pillow
Tears flowin down my sorrow filled face
The words she used against me
The yells, the screams, the pain
The torture of verbal abusement
Thinking of everything that's wrong in my life
Not knowing how to stop the raindrops
falling from my face
I turn over lightly
I stare at the wall
I think of everything that I've tried to forget
The memories came back
Such a rushing attack
It beats me up
It makes me frozen inside
The fire once lit in my heart
Was watered down
Tears won't stop
They won't go away
Try to put a smile upon my face
I wrap myself in warm covers
Thinkin that it will secure me
Make me safe
Feel enlightened again
The tears slowly begin to fade
I close my eyes
To force them away
Sniffle through my running nose
The tears are gone...
Though the feeling inside made itself at home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem, My mother made me cry, because of some reason. It is complicating so that night I cried myself to sleep

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