One day

One day put yourself in my shoes

You say that you know what i have gone through

Put on my Converse shoes

Step in my life

You will see how It's really like

Constant Screams

Verbal harassment

From my mother

No father to  turn to

To tell you Kenya it will be ok

A brother You don't look up to

Drug addicted sibling

Brother that have murdered

Sisters that get pregnant before there legal teens

A house where everything is obscene

everynight you are afraid to go to sleep

Frightened by your horrific dreams

Knowing that someday they will come true

Or when you asleep

Your brother''s friend has his way with you

Your cousin was killed because of false identification

Seeing someone die when you were young

Such complication

Your brother figure was shot

In the back

Died, knowing that you dreamt that the night before

Should I stop now or continue on more

How would you feel if  you knew that all your life your grandfather

had the chance to Rape you

Took fifteen years to find that out

Now know what hes all about

Live in a neighborhood

That judges you terribly

Living a life that we barely survive

So your in my shoes now

Do you think that's all

There is more to this

I think I will Stop now

So now that your me

Do you hate your life?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My life in pieces

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