My bruised self

I look at myself in the mirror

Scarred Burned and bruised

Black and blue all over my face

Hair distorted and untidy

Eyes spark red like fire

I look into the mirror and break it


Psychotic powers my mind contains

I take the shattered glass

Press it into my skin

How I love the pain

Throbbing back and forth

Blood gushing from this harrassment

I stand in a pool of blood

I laugh at this sight

I see it so often

My skin is dead and rotting

Peeling away

My flesh crumbling

Pale white, I become

The vessels in my skin shed black blood

Like make up running

I touch my skin and taste my blood.....

I taste the richness

Thats when i realize

My heart is corrupted

The Devil is inside

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Whoa this is a long poem!! Well I wrote this when i was sad and angry at the world!

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Lance Demonblade's picture

Not Bad... Alot Darker And To The Point Than What I'm Used To, But All Around A Good Job. Keep It Up. You Might Want To Try Your Hand At Some Extended Metaphors, Too. They Can Often Increase The Meaning And Tone Of A Poem.

Casey Rowell's picture

KENYA!!!! I love all of these, you're really good chica!
Lalaalalalalallalalalalalala wtf. I'm listening to Ashlee Simpson... how and why did that happen? hm... well I'm talking to you on yahoo so ttyl
<3<3<3 Love always and forever,
Casey Lin