THe hatred i have towards you

Every hit makes me squirm

Your rock hard hands slash across my face

Your words choking my heart

Every little sound you make, i shudder

Your evil shrill voice makes me shed tears

Mother, you are my fear

Everytime you tell me i'm worthless

Those words pierce my heart

Striking a evil temtation inside

Every word you say that makes me cry

All the times you almost took my life

Mother, you are my fear

All the weapons that you used

To abuse me

All the lies that you told

All the crazy things you do

All the mistreatment that you do to me

Mother, you are my fear

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this when my mom smacked me across the face in front of my neice and nephew! i feel this way al th etime! i wish this poem was better

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