Friend or Loverll

Before, I pushed the thoughts out of my head.

Before, it could never be.

But now, I feel some things I'd never thought.

And, everything feels real to me.

Who would have thought that in those years,

I would have fallen so hard?

I never saw through all that time,

You were holding the special card.

Memories of 'it could never happens'

Thinking you were only a friend.

Seem to have flown out the window,

Rationalities have come to an end.

It shouldn't even be this difficult,

You should just see the light.

It should just come to you one day.

You'll see it's worth the fight.

Love is something great and special.

Something I want to share.

I want to share this with you, my dear.

Show you my adoration and care.

If you see my actions and feel my struggle,

Let me know if I should keep on.

Or if what you want is for me to stop,

Don't use my love as a pawn.

Who would have thought, back in the day,

That I would fall for you.

But, the only thing that I know right now,

Is my love for you is true.

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