IF I TRY.........

If I try and fail

who will be there... and say:

"You did well"

If I fall and couldn't stand

who will be there...and say:

"Hold my hand"

If roads are tough

and light is far,

who will be there...and say:

"I will walk"

Even when my nights are long,

and days are blue.

And everything seems,

impossible to be true.

Who will still be there...and say,

"I will always love you"

Will you be there?

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justme4him's picture

its so beautiful, yes you put it so well
these questions challenged me, allow me to share it with my fiends
keep up

Patrick Talty's picture

Good sequencing of the questions and an appropriate wistfulness of tone helps to make this piece a poem to be read, enjoyed and thought-provoking. The questions have a universality that establishes a relationship between poet and reader on many levels. Nice one!

David Richardson's picture

These are questions that must be asked and answers must be received before going forward. How true these statements truly are my lady. Thank you for sharing and please take care.