Strange vibes are lurking,

To see is to strain,

The lazy cannot derive,

This meaning is smirking,

Fear is laughing.

Anger travels as a train,

Power, endurance of hate ... resentment.

So heartache won't dominate

And feeling alone won't overcome,

This victim of circumstance.

Cold ... hard anger will survive.

I will as well ... right alongside.

Charming appearances what a facade,

Life's fun ... hurtful games,

Jealousy is latent,

And won't give names.

When you see a play,

May it remind you of me,

May the script be today,

The actors at ease ... As tension eats away,

As they laugh and smile.

In this underlining way.

Into lost fortunes and forever's,

Lost loves of today.

Contempt will surely praise,

What's gone is gone,

But resentment remains.

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