I wish you could know how it feels to be me,

Why I appear so intoxicated,

When I let you inside to seek,

Looking for what you seem to need.

Some nights you enter ever so tenderly,

Others you ravage and plunder,

Pervading primed lips, as I silently wonder,

As host, which pair you like most.

Occasionally you command my head,

Forcefully pushing down,

Saturating my mouth with your entirety,

As I succumb to the rhythm that you need.

Intensity enflames me,

When you speak my name in ecstasy,

Igniting a craving, insistent that I mount,

To fuse us with its heat.

At times you are a hungry lion,

Stalking, as soon as I step through your door,

And I fear being torn apart, resisting,

As savagely you thrust, the moment tasting.

Desperately searching,

Exploring for something I hide,

You tunnel further with every stride,

Into the cave that houses my soul,

Digging for a treasure to make you whole,

One you think is buried within,

Beneath my skin.

Although, I know not what you're mining for,

And so you are,

And forever will remain, a Mystery,

For I can never know what you discover,

When deep inside of me.

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