Your lips meet mine

in a passion filled kiss

I reach up to tangle my fingers in your hair

pulling you in closer

as we melt into each other

our hearts pounding

our breath quickening

our desire increasing

you kiss your way down my neck

I run my hands along your chest

loving the feel of you under my fingers

feeling your hands on my breasts

I gasp as I suddenly feel you enter my wetness

slowly you stroke inside of me

lightly brushing my nipples with your fingers

as you move deep within me

controlling my body

as I lose control

begging you for release with my moans

you look deep into my eyes

seeing the desire there

feeling my need

responding to it you move with more urgency

I wrap my legs around your waist

running my fingernails lightly along your back

as our pace quickens

our heat fills the room

as we lose ourselves in each other

each of us lost in the moment

our minds as connected as our bodies

as we approach the end

holding on to each other

as we feel our love well up inside of us

and it spills over

until we are complete

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Mark Fiorentino's picture

Fantastic. I t leaves you breathless.Well done.