You Thrill Me

You thrill me with your soft kisses,

That make me moan out loud.

You make my body want to shiver and quiver,

Like I'm on a cloud.

My body arches towards the sky,

My breathing fills the air.

A silent total ecstasy

That you and I can feel and declare.

We feel the glow of passion,

Shining deep in the night.

The amazingly awesome wonder of lovers

Entwined so tight.

My hands touch your chest, slowly,

With fingertips so warm.

My hands slide along your body,

Until your breathing feels torn.

Reaching out to touch you softly, at first.

Pulling you closer,

Until I feel I will almost burst.

Tossed upon a ocean,

That's so wild, with waves of lust.

Reaching out to meet your body,

With each passionate thrust.

Take me like a storm at sea,

That rides the frothy waves.

Rocking back and forth

Against the seashore that we have made.

Taste me with your mouth,

Touch me with your want and desire.

Wrap your arms around me,

And watch as I can only smile.

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David Richardson's picture

This is so beautiful written with so much expression and visionary skills.You again bring the reader to an oasis of passionate love making where the only goal is mutual satisfaction of mutual partners. A world shelterd by the negatism of the outside world where erotism flows like a gentle clear brook flow so gently down a beautiful mountaiside. This poem is beautiful in so many ways. Thank you Connie for sharing your intense expressivness and visonary thoughts with me.