The Touch Of Love


You are the one I love.

You're everything to me....

Someone I can count on,

Someone I believe in,

Someone I love, with all my heart.

Each dream of mine

begins and ends

With loving thoughts of you.

You're the most important part

Of everything I do...

You're on my mind,

And in my heart,

Each moment of the day,

And no one else, in all the world

Could make me feel this way.

I look into your eyes,

And I see the sparkle of love anew,

The same look of warmth,

That made me fall in love with you.

I hear your voice,

And the sound soothes

And comforts me

As it always has.

I feel your touch

And I am complete.

You fill my senses,

With all that is you

You are my love.

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