Just wonder what it would be like,

To spend one whole night with you.

Just wonder what you would say,

And wonder what you would do.

Would you tell me that you want me,

While you kiss my eager lips?

Would you then caress my face and neck,

So tenderly with finger tips.

Would you slowly remove my clothing,

With a little help from me?

You have no idea how you'd excite me,

And fill me with ecstasy.

Would you slowly ease me down on my bed,

Place yur warm moist lips on my breasts?

No matter what you would do to me,

My lips would not protest.

Would your loving lips investigate,

What I would so willingly offer you?

No need to tell you what I desire.

I know you'd know, exactly what to do.

When we'd reach the ultimate goal,

I'd feel you deep inside me.

Oh, just to spend ONE night with you,

What a wonderful delight that would be!!

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I really enjoyed reading a

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Mark Fiorentino's picture

A poem that show a lot of passion and desire. Selection of rhythm and of rhyming words is excellent. Very good descriptions that can easily make one visualise what will happen if he has the fortunate to spend a night with you.
I really liked this poem.

David Richardson's picture

This poem is written with so much love,passion and erotism. Can just visualize all you are describing with your beautifully choice words and vivid descriptions. Truly loved this poem my lady. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem with me and please take care.

Dave Richardson