As I am lying here in my bed,

My eyes are filled with tears.

I'm holding you so close to me.

Your hungry lips are devouring mine.

Hands are caressing me all over,

The nectar of my passion is overwhelming,

Making it easy for you to find your way,

Into this wonderland of love.

The rapture we feel as you enter,

This God given palace of mine,

Is so pleasurable, so enticing.

We know that the best, is yet to come.

You've been away for such a long, long time,

Now we're as close as close can be.

I can feel your dear heart pounding.

Our breathing is so fast and heavy.

Rhythmic thrusts grow faster.

We have so much stored up love to share.

Euphoria is reached so soon ---

We speak not a word, you just hold me tight.

I fall asleep in your loving arms,

And sleep for a very long time.

When I awake - no arms are holding me tight,

This memorable erotic night, was just a dream.

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David Richardson's picture

Your visual presentations in this inquiry is simply awesome. Can actually feel what you are describing so so visualy-the heat and pasion of the moment-the erotitism and heated bodies that yearn for each other tools to reach an unbeleivable orgasm. Again, Connie-your mastery of visualization has made this poem a sheer masterpiece. Thank you for sharing your erotic venture with me and have a very beautiful week.

Dave Richardson

Jessica Conley's picture

A very interesting twist in the end. But your portrayal of true love making is very acurate. I liked it! Keep writing!