I Do Not Care If It's A Sin

Sitting here thinking and dreaming of you,

I imagine all the things that we can do.

I can see you standing beyond compare,

reaching out to touch my strands of hair.

You whisper on the wind, "I love you."

At last, my dreams have all come true.

You are my life, my fragrant breath of air.

You embrace me with the gentlest care.

I can feel my heart beating within;

and I do not care if it's a sin.

All I know is that I love you so.

Many thoughts of you come and go.

In the night, I embrace you near.

At once, all things have become clear.

The stars, they shine, like your eyes.

They brighten the night's ebon skies.

I hunger for your kiss upon my lips,

your tender hands upon my hips.

Your tongue of fire, dancing within.

I do not care if it's a sin.

How could I love you; yet, depart?

I cannot - you live within my heart.

My dearest love, you are everything.

Your love blossoms like the spring.

Many flowers within my garden grow;

yet, you are the only love I know.

Our fire of love burns within the den.

I do not care if it's a sin.

The world, its troubles, all disappear.

Nothing matters when you are near.

I hold you close, deeper than deep inside.

I cannot from my own heart hide.

I do not care about the loves of old.

You are a treasure, more precious than gold.

We dance across the jaded glen.

I do not care if it's a sin.

You lie me down beneath the tree,

then sweetly recline next to me.

Your eyes they search for a hint

of desire, of passion, of my intent.

In looking, you know I feel the same too.

I want nothing more than to be loved by you.

You bend to give me the sweetest kiss.

I can feel tingles of ecstasy and bliss.

Your tongue, it slips its way inside.

I can feel the rushing of the tide.

An erotic ballet of two lovers within.

I do not care if it's a sin.

My arms embrace you and pull you near.

I love you, my darling, my darling, dear.

I arch my body to touch with your's.

Love has unhinged all the doors.

My inhibitions are flung to the breeze

as whispers dwindle among the trees.

You press against me, hands on breast.

With fingers of love, I am caressed.

You kiss my face, my lips, my cheek.

I am breathless and cannot speak.

My heart is beating so fast within.

I do not care if it's a sin.

Hardness pressing against my thigh.

Two lovers conjoined beneath the sky.

Your hand slowly moving under my dress,

the slow whispery touches of each caress.

You slowly remove my silken underwear

and quick discover I have no hair.

Yes! I shave my pussy. Now you know.

I know how much you love it so.

You slowly slide a finger within.

I do not care if it's a sin.

I am so wet as your touch lingers.

I love the movement of your fingers.

I hold back moans, biting my lip,

feeling the pressure of your cock's tip.

Against my opening, I feel you there.

This is the moment forever to share.

Oh God! You push it, push it in!

I do not care if it's a sin.

I lock my legs around your waist

and lift myself for you to taste.

My pussy lips tightly surround

as you fuck my body into the ground.

My hard nipples rocking against your chest.

This is the greatest! You are the best!

My darling lover, fuck me hard.

Do not be scared, let down your guard.

Fuck me like you've fucked no other before.

I want you, I want you, I want you more.

In and out, you slip and slide.

Your drops of love cum inside.

I scream your name unto the wind,

the sweetest dose of love you send.

You fuck into me each little drop.

I do not want this loving to stop.

I fuck against you with all my might,

squeezing your ass o! so tight!

You fuck so good, I knew you would.

Oh God! I knew that you could.

Your cock of love floods within.

I do not care if it's a sin.

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theunknown1's picture

Damn that was hot! I'm feeling all horny inside just reading it!

doyin_akinnurun's picture

if i wanted to claim to be a saint or the pope i would say this is a very errotic poem, but honestly most of all have all gone thorugh some of the things there if not all ...so thanks carrie for the capturing our minds and expressing it down on a piece of paper with the power of your pen...

You are the bomb!!!

connie's picture

Thank you all your comments

Thank you all your comments mean so much to me.