Sexual Desire

You drink the whole mouth of my body,

devouring me with your tongue and lips.

French kisses in the deepest places,

pressing deeply into my flesh,

moist and trembling, lost in ecstasy.

You twist my body into every position,

hungry for every part of me at once.

You bring me to your mouth as though

I were a morsel of food - hot spices

causing you to break out in a sweat.

I am submissive in my pleasure -

doing anything that you desire -

wanting and needing all you want to give.

I am soft as cotton against your body,

growing softer beneath your fingers,

like a cat softens a flannel pillow.

You leave nothing untouched, crossing

the surface of my body and retreating

into the deeper parts of my being.

A fire explodes in time with your rhythm,

two bodies turning and burning in a dance.

We undulate like waves upon the ocean,

with you crouching like a lion over my back,

your paws digging into my hips, pulling me

towards the voracious head - thrusting deeper.

In the most marvelous intensity ever known,

our bodies soldered together, sweat-wet,

then fell, exhausted, in unbearable pleasure.

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Anthony Rosenberger's picture

I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable, but this poem made me horny! Wow, I've never had a poem do that to me. Superb, couldn't do better myself.

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