As I walked away, I heard you cry.

I felt the pain as I breathed and sighed.

I wanted to hug you as I pushed you away,

Hoping you would leave and, yet, wanting you to stay.

You did not understand... and neither do I.

I need you to be here, I cannot say good-bye.

I see you when you are near; I miss you when you are far.

I think about you during the day and underneath the stars.

People say harsh things and I try not to believe,

But I feel the doubt behind me when I see the things I see.

The things you say can make me melt.

It is hard to walk away from the things I felt.

I know this is hard and I do not mean to be,

I promise you are not alone... the pain is also with me.

I do not mean to be selfish, I just don't know why.

I need you as a friend, not just another guy.

Please do not be upset with me, I will grow up someday soon.

Maybe that bright day it will be just you and me.

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Diana Rosenberg's picture

I love this poem.. I can relate to it so well... keep on writing....I enjoy reading your work.